Product information in several languages (WPML)

The Multilingual Product Information (WPML) extension lets you control translation of product name, short description, and long description directly from Uniconta.

The extension requires that you have the WPML plugin ( installed and set up with the languages you have on your website (not included).


We are installing an extension plugin on Woocommerce to handle the translation from Uniconta to Woocommerce. In addition, we create a number of fields on Product Name Groups to handle product name, short and long description.

Before we begin, you must have set up item name groups in your Uniconta with the languages you will be using.

How it works

When the extension is set up and you want to translate a product, select that product and select "Language - Item Description" in Uniconta.

The image shows the location of "Language - Item Description" in Uniconta

Here you add the translated name, and the short / long description as well as the item name group the translation belongs to.

The image shows a translation added in Uniconta

Then you save the product and the translation will then be automatically transferred to Woocommerce.