Small order surcharge

Wedoio’s Uniconta - WooCommerce Integration provides the option to add a surcharge if the order total is below a set amount below checkout / basket. This is added on a separate line so that the customer has the opportunity to see that they are invoiced extra.

It can be further checked which debtors should not have this small order surcharge through a check box on Uniconta.


The installation of this extension requires the free plugin Woocommerce Add Custom Fee ( being installed and set up.

The setup of the Add Custom Fee plugin


Wedoio makes a check field on debtors in Uniconta, whereby the small order surcharge can be turned off for specific debtors.

We also install an extension plugin, where the item that is to be listed as the small order surcharge in Uniconta, which becomes the item that is used when the order is synchronized to Uniconta.

The setup of the item of the small order surcharge in the expansion plugin.

small order surcharge item in Uniconta

How it works

Once the extension is set up, the small order surcharge will automatically be added to the customer's order in both Uniconta and Woocommerce.