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Products / InvItem

The Product InvItem are synchronized from Uniconta to Woo using the mapping defined in the plugin configuration page, under the mapping tab.

Even though the default mapping works in most cases, you can still tweak it to achieve your needs.

By default the price that is used when not defined is SalesPrice1. To alter this you can set in the right the keys _price and regular_price and assign them to the Value from Uniconta that contains the data.


Products in Uniconta are synchronized based on the xWebStatus value set on the InvItem. if the xWebStatus is set to false and the product does not exists in wordpress, then the synchronization will be skipped.

If the xWebStatus is set to false and the product exists in wordpress with the same sku or because of a prior synchronizations, the product is going to be merged and the status of the wordpress product will be set to pending.

if the xWebStatus is set to true, then the product is just synchronized and sent to Wordpress normally.


For the images to be processed correctly. Attachment groups needs to be created in Uniconta and configured in the mapping page in wordpress.

You need one group for the Cover Image and one for the Gallery Images. When those have been created, you can set them in the Worpdress plugin configuration page.

Categories and Tags

Before you can synchronize the Categories and the Tags from Uniconta, you need to set them in the mapping so the system knows where to fetch the information. By default the system is configured to look for custom fields named xCategory1, xCategory2, xCategory3, xTags1, etc ...

In Uniconta the value comes normally from InvItem Tables created to hold the data.

Then you need to configure the equivalence in Wordpress so the categories that you use are linked with the correct categories in Wordpress. To do so you ought to go to the mapping tab, and then the sub tab categories or tags.

After setting up the table that has to be used and saved, you can select in each side what categories should be set when a particular value is found coming from Uniconta.

You can set multiple wordpress categories that will react to a single category in Uniconta. But be wary as it can get very confusing when you have multiple categories.

The same process goes for the Tags tab.


The plugin support variations products. But to set them up you need to use the Variant Combination provided by Uniconta.

You will need to set up Variants and correctly configure them to be attached to your InvItem.

You can coordinate with your Uniconta Partner for more information about this.

A different solution can be used to define variations in Uniconta which involves creating each variants as a different InvItem. please contact us at support@wedoio.com for more information and to check if that solution applies for you.