PDF support

The  Wedoio’s Uniconta - WooCommerce extension provides the ability to attach PDFs to Uniconta WooCommerce products.

Wedoio sets up an attachment group on products in Uniconta, where the pdf is added. The product must then be stored again.

Depending on the theme you have in Woocommerce, the way PDFs are displayed will vary. The extension only handles the synchronization of PDFs to Woocommerce products, not the view.

The feature requires the following plugins to be installed (not included):

  • Advanced Custom Fields PRO


Wedoio sets up an attachment group called "Product PDF" in Uniconta to which PDFs must be added.

We are also adding a plugin to the Woocommerce shop. This handles PDF uploads and also adds a menu item on the Woocommerce shop where the ACF PDF field and the Uniconta attachment group can be specified.

The image shows the extension set up with ACF field and attachment group

How it works

When you want to add a PDF to a product, upload the PDF as an attachment to the item in Uniconta and select "Product PDF" as the attachment group.


The image shows a PDF uploaded in Uniconta

The item is then stored in Uniconta and then the PDF will be automatically synchronized to the specified ACF PDF field on the Woocommerce product.

The image shows the PDF synchronized to Woocommerce