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Orders synchronized from Wordpress to Uniconta

The Orders are synchronized from Wordpress to Uniconta by creating DebtorOrders when the said order is created in Uniconta.

Some wordpress websites might implements filters or actions that alters the way the hooks are called internally in wordpress. That causes the order to be sent multiple times. If that happens on your setup, you can check the box on the main configuration page, prevent syncing already synced orders

This will make sure that the order is sent only once when necessary and will remove most of the issues.

Anonymous Orders

If your shop provides anonymous orders, you need to create a debtor in Uniconta that will be used as Anonymous Debtor. Thus, all orders created by anonymous users will be created using that Debtor Account.

You can force all the orders to be sent to a single debtor by checking the option Use anonymous debtor for all orders.

Payment methods

You can decide which payment method will be set on the sales order in Uniconta by configuring the payment methods linking in the plugin in the payment tab.

The payment tab will display all the payments methods that are available in Wordpress and you can select a specific Uniconta Payment Term for each.

When the order will be created, the corresponding Payment Term will be used.


When you are finished handling the Sales Order in Uniconta, it order should be invoiced in Uniconta manualy.

If the hook is set up correctly and the wordpress website notified, the order will be set as completed if you are using quickpay payment gateway plugin.

Contact our team for setting up the Uniconta plugin responsible for notifying our system when an invoice has been made in Uniconta.