Main and sub-accounts

Wedoio Uniconta - WooCommerce Integration supports master and sub accounts. This means that your customers can have a main account, and associated sub-accounts, so that more employees can order in the WooCommerce shop, and still be invoiced via the main account.

Note that installing this extension will require further development of the extension to make it fit your needs, therefore the installation time will vary

With the extension you will be able to create sub-accounts through Uniconta's "Contacts"

 The picture shows where "Contacts" is in Uniconta

With the extension, you will be able to check on each contact whether this sub-account should be active in the shop, as well as its username / password for the shop.

 The picture shows the fields on a Contact. Here we can check whether the specific sub-accounts should be active in the shop, as well as what its login information is.