Wedoio's package plugin provides the ability to handle products sold in packages.

Wedoio creates a custom field on products in Uniconta, where the number of products sold as a unit is entered. If a product is sold in pieces of 25, WooCommerce will present at the shop that this product can only be bought in an interval of 25 pieces. This means that if the customer wants to buy more, the interval will increase by 25 per quantity.

This extension requires ACF - Custom Fields Pro to be installed (not included)


We create a field on items in Uniconta where the package size can be set.

In addition, we create an ACF custom field in Woocommerce which handles the package size.

A plugin will be installed in Woocommerce where the name of the field in Uniconta and the name of the ACF custom field will be set.

The picture shows the extension plugin in Woocommerce

How it works

Once the extension is set up, the package size will automatically be synchronized from Uniconta to Woocommerce, and the extension will automatically ensure that the product can only be purchased in quantities corresponding to the package size.