Introduction to the Uniconta - WooCommerce Integration

Sync simple item data from Uniconta to WooCommerce

The integration synchronizes the simple item data from Uniconta to WooCommerce (item no., Item name, sales price and short / long description).

Wedoio’s Uniconta - WooCommerce integration supports the use of categories and tags as well as item and gallery images.

Stock changes are updated from Uniconta to WooCommerce.

Customers are synchronized both ways, and orders are synchronized from WooCommerce to Uniconta.

When the sales order is invoiced in Uniconta, the order is completed in WooCommerce. Before the Integration is set up on your website, Wedoio requires the following:
  • Wordpress administrator user

  • FTP access to website

  • Uniconta server user (username and password)

    • Uniconta support user with full access - our support user is free to create and MUST be created with username Support

    The integration does not take into account the 3rd party plugin and wordpress themes, which must be deactivated before the integration begins. If this is not possible and the integration does not work optimally, this will be agreed with the customer and further troubleshooting and development will be invoiced on an hourly basis.

    That is, we want to set up the integration on a pure Wordpress / WooCommerce installation.

    Once the integration is set up and then approved by the customer, all themes and plugins can be activated again. If this presents challenges on the integration, it is considered as Support or further development and is invoiced accordingly.

    This also applies in the future when installing new plugins etc.

    This presupposes that all product data is present in Uniconta before the solution is established.

    Additional functionality can be added to the integration by further specification and agreement.

    For example, products with variants, prices in several currencies, Customer-specific prices (Support for customer price lists in Uniconta), backorders on products, cash & invoice customers and much more.