Cash and invoice customers

Wedoio’s Uniconta - WooCommerce Integration handles whether your customers should be able to receive invoices or whether they should pay by credit card as soon as the order is placed.

If the payment terms in Uniconta are based on something other than Cash, the customer will have the opportunity to choose whether they want an invoice for the purchase or whether they want to pay in cash.


The extension requires "Invoice" to be activated as a payment option in Woocommerce.

Wedoio installs an extension plugin on your Woocommerce shop which will handle the limitation of payment options.

How it works

With the extension installed, users who are not created in Uniconta, as well as debtors who in Uniconta have the payment field set to "CASH" will not have the option to select "Invoice" as a payment option at checkout.

The image shows the payment field in Uniconta set to "CASH"