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B2B login with user role B2B customer

With Wedoio's B2B login with user role B2B customer extension you will be able to create new B2B customers and control their Woocommerce login directly from Uniconta.


When setting up this extension, we create three fields for debtors in Uniconta:

  • Webshop active: Determine if the customer is active in Woocommerce

  • Webshop username: The username of the customer in Woocommerce

  • Webshop code: The code for the customer in Woocommerce (can only be set the first time synchronized, if the customer then changes the password, it is neither possible to change it or see the new password)

In addition, an extension plugin is installed in your Woocommerce shop.

How it works

When you want to create a new login for a B2B customer, you create a debtor in Uniconta exactly as you usually do, but fill in the three fields with the desired login details. Remember to create a secure password.

The picture shows the three fields that must be filled in

You then save the debtor and contact the customer with their login details, and thus they have access to the shop.